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Fire Fighting Systems have a history of almost 20 years as a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of external Fire Fighting Systems. Originally specialising in Marine Firefighting equipment (including FiFi systems on Vessels around the world), they are now using this experience in their expansion into Land based Fire Equipment. By using this experience with their Marine products designed for demanding environments needing corrosion resistance, robust design and ease of operation it translates to excellent performance and reliability in land based applications. Fire Fighting Systems land based supply Equipment for large water capacities to be used in refineries, tank farms, industrial plants, jetties and storage facilities. FFS also provide complete packages comprising equipment required for installations onboard Tugs, Offshore Vessels, Fire Boats and Work Boats in accordance with all class societies. FFS are focused on up to date design and engineering in order to provide the most competitive and best performing systems in the market, they have locations in  Norway, Sweden and Singapore. FFS will provide a system performance guarantee based on our engineering, and can assist with Commissioning and class approvals.

FFS land based can supply individual components or complete Equipment packages for governmental Fire agencies as well as Industrial applications such as refineries, tank farms, industrial plants, jetties and storage facilities. FFS’s Equipment scope includes pumps, monitors, control systems, valves and foam mixing equipment for either Fixed or Mobile applications, and for flows exceeding 4800 m³/h (>80000 l/min)

FFS are leader in the Marine fighting market, proven by their extensive reference list. They have custom designed fire fighting equipment for use on tugboats which are provided all major tugboats builders. They also have a long tradition of delivering complete systems to a range of Off Shore Vessels and are the preferred supplier for larger Fire Boats across the world. We deliver the latest in fire fighting technology based on our extensive knowledge and track record combined with use of cutting edge technology, even the most comprehensive systems can be designed for one-man-safe operation.

Landbased Systems

Monitors and Trailers

FFS offers a wide range of monitors including fixed or portable mounted on trailers or trucks. Available in capacities in excess of 80 0000 litres per minutes (21 000 GPM). All monitors are made of high quality nickle aluminium bronze and stainless steel for seawater use.

Skids and Pump Packages

FFS has long term experience with supplying skids for our complete range of pumps. Power source can be either diesel or electric motors, designed  to ensure a light weight and space saving design. A solution for a wide range of Flow rates to suit all applications can be designed and engineered.

Truck Systems

FFS can deliver portable and fixed systems for direct Vehicle fitment or Platform on Demand (POD) applications. Custom designed and engineered solutions to suit the Clients specific application are available in either Monitor or Pump Systems, or a complete package system.


FFS can deliver Hoses in all sized from leading manufacturers as part of the complete package. Hose handling systems will also be delivered according to individual requirement.

Foam Systems

FFS can supply a range of Foam Proportioning equipment including Foam Pumps and Inductors ito suit a range of Foam Concentrates including Fluorine Free Foams.

Control Systems

FFS uses qualified engineers to design and produce advanced control systems using the latest Siemens software and components tailored to suit the Clients specific needs.