Res-Q-Jack® take vehicle stabilisation to the next level by offering the most versatile vehicle stabilisation and lifting struts on the market bar none. They offer struts ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty, both pin-operated and pin-free, each with a 2:1 safety factor.  They offer capacities that eclipse all other brands, including shoring up to 8,750kg and lifting up to 2,700kg. They provide the ability to transform your shoring and stabilisation Strut into a lifting Strut with the removable Add on Jack. The range includes both Pinned Struts and Pin Free for fast and smooth adjustment. A range of Accessories further enhances the capabilities and options for the Struts including a number of interchangeable Bases and Heads like the Tripod Head and Darlington Head. No matter whether it be Stabilising, Lifting or Shoring, Res-Q-Jack® makes sure you have the right tool for the job to meets your needs and budget.

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The Auto X-Strut® brings pin-free stabilisation and lifting to light vehicle rescue! This light, fast and ultra-portable strut combines the pin-free operation of our premium Super X-Strut® with our Aluminum X-style square chassis, in a compact package for light-duty rescue.

The Auto X-Strut First Responder Strut puts the speed of pin-free operation in a compact package for the most intuitive, fastest-deploying vehicle stabilisation and lifting Strut on the market. The light-weight, ultra-portable Strut features a milled aluminium inner tube, allowing for fast and smooth adjustment without the need for pins. The unique combination of a square aluminium outer tube allows for a built-in ratchet strap which doubles as a convenient carry handle, while the internal positive stop eliminates the risk of over-extension.

PIN FREE / TWIST-FREE: Threaded Inner tubing allows for fast and smooth adjustment without pins, making setup and chasing a breeze. The threaded tube allows for infinitesimal height adjustment when stabilising or lifting and lowering loads. The unique design allows for a positive stop, keeping the inner tube from rotating under lighter loads, and eliminating the risk of over-extension

QUICK RELEASE HEADS: Change end fittings in an instant with the pull of a single retaining pin. Comes standard with our 360 degree swivelling head for precise placement on any purchase point.

X-STRUT LIFTING POWER: Transforms from a shoring Strut to a lifting Strut in seconds with our removable mechanical Add-On Jack, giving you 1,133kg of lifting capacity with 300mm of resettable travel when you need it.

Compatible Heads: Auto X-Strut head fittings are compatible with our Apex X-Stru and Super X-Strut fittings, as well as competitor head fittings

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